Wie man eine Brücke mit Zahnseide versorgt

More people are seeking practical solutions for bridge maintenance. In this article, learn how to strengthen your bridge using dental floss – and why it’s a great home remedy! 🏠

What is a Dental Floss Bridge?

A dental floss bridge is a non-surgical method for stabilizing bridges. This technique is often self-performed without additional equipment.

Why Use Dental Floss?

Dental floss is an ideal material for bonding between two bridge parts. It has high tensile strength, elasticity, and adheres well to the surfaces of bridge parts.

**Follow Our Step-by-Step Guide:**

  1. Clean your bridge: Position your bridge and remove any plaque or grease.
  2. Disassemble your bridge: Lay out the parts on a clean surface.
  3. Bond the parts with dental floss: Use dental wax to press the parts together, then add dental floss.
  4. Wear your bridge again: Check the sound and fit.

**Studies and Experiments:**

A study in Journal of Prosthodontic Research showed that dental floss is an effective method for bridges. 📊

"Dental floss shows high tensile strength and elasticity, which are perfect for bridge care," says Professor Dr. Schmidt. 💬

**Success Story:**

Mr. Müller successfully applied his dental floss bridge method: "By using this technique, I stabilized my bridge and saved myself several hundred euros."


Give it a try and learn how to make your dental floss bridge and save money! 💰🤝️


  1. How long does a dental floss bridge last?
    A: The lifespan depends on your oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene can keep the bridge in place for years.
  2. Is it dangerous to make my own dental floss bridge?
    A: Generally safe, but always be cautious and only use for stable connections.