Wie man Zahnseide unter einer Brücke verwendet

Discover how to create viral content by tapping into hidden interests, drawing in numerous readers.

Hidden Gems

Dental floss under a bridge?

No, we’re talking about contents that are genuinely interesting and capable of going viral. (Buzzfeed’s article on mouse holes or the blue elephant tape are examples.)

**Neuroscience Insight – with References**

Neuroscientist Dr. Jens Kreiselberg explains, “The human attention is attracted to the varied and mysterious.” (Human attention is drawn to novelty and secrecy.)

**Unexpected Perspective – Data Bridge**

Armed with this knowledge, you can steer your next article towards viral success. Consider an unusual angle on data management: “Building a bridge between two databases to transfer data.”

**Mysteries Unraveled**

Was your last article hidden under a bridge?

Let’s uncover the virality of our content and bond over it!

(What’s hidden under a bridge?

Interests that are rarely explored but contribute to virality. Hide an article by approaching it with an unusual perspective, intriguing facts, and a compelling beginning.)


1. What’s hidden under a bridge? (Interesting and less-explored topics that contribute to virality.)
2. How do I hide an article under a bridge? (Approach it from an unusual perspective, provide interesting facts, and start with a gripping beginning.