Wie man eine mittige Reißverschlusstasche mit französischen Nähten näht

Revive your old beloved clothing by giving new life to damaged pockets of favorite jackets with middle-sized patchwork pockets and French threads. Here’s a guide on repairing and making them anew.


  1. Middle-sized Reißverschlusstasche (Middle-sized Patchwork Pockets)
  2. French threads
  3. Sewing supplies (needle, thread, scissors)


Clean and lay out your patchwork pocket on a flat surface.

**Getting Started:**

  1. Knot binding: Cut a 45cm long knot binding of French sewing thread into three parts.
  2. Stitch hemming: Sew the pocket edge with a stitch hemming to secure it.
  3. Stitch the first row: Hold one corner of the pocket and sew the first row using French threads.


  1. Use nearly invisible thread color for discreet repair.
  2. Maintain even stitch rhythm for neat finish.


  1. Attempt to reattach the pockets’ sides with French threads before working on the actual closure.
  2. Rebind the pocket closure using French threads by removing old thread and applying new.
  3. Regularly check your work for smoothness and correct errors promptly.

Repairing or making anew a middle-sized patchwork pocket with French threads is feasible for everyone, making your old jackets look fresh again. For more tips and tricks, refer to YouTube videos.


  1. Can French threads be used in all sewing machines? Yes, they can be used in most common sewing machines.

  2. How long does it take to restore a Reißverschlusstasche with French threads? The duration depends on the pocket size and its condition.