Wie man in Little Alchemy eine Axt herstellt

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Little Alchemy is a creative and engaging game where you create all things in the world. One of the early challenges is crafting an axe. In this guide, learn how to make an axe in Little Alchemy.

**The Path to the Axe:**

  1. Begin by creating basic elements such as water and earth.
  2. Create fire by combining two fires.
  3. Combine fire with a stone (ice or metal) to form a stonebrick.
  4. Merge a stonebrick with water to get a pickaxe.
  5. Make another element (fire or earth) and add it to the pickaxe to create an axe.

**Case Study:**

Player John struggled initially to make an axe but, by following this step-by-step guide and showing enthusiasm for experimentation, he eventually created his first axe piece.

**Research and Experiments:**

According to the official Little Alchemy Wiki, there are multiple ways to create an axe in the game. The aforementioned method is one of the most common.

**Expert Opinion:**

"The steps to make an axe in Little Alchemy are simple and intuitive," say the developers. "There are different ways to reach this goal, but this step-by-step guide is very helpful for beginners."


In Little Alchemy, creating an axe involves a straightforward and intuitive process. Follow this guide to master this challenge.


  1. How do I create a stonebrick in Little Alchemy?
    • Combine fire with a stone (ice or metal).
  2. Can I create multiple branches in Little Alchemy?
    • Yes, you can duplicate an existing branch to create more in Little Alchemy.
  3. How do I create gold in Little Alchemy?
    • Gold cannot be created in Little Alchemy.