Wie viel kostet es, die Kettenraucher zu buchen?

Smoking imposes both health risks and financial burdens on households through active and passive smoking. This article highlights the costs of having smokers in your life and why investing in health and wealth is essential.

Passive Smoke Exposure: Harmful to Both (€600-€300 per week)

The German Cancer Research Center study reveals that passive smoking costs up to €30,000 annually. Active smokers add €600 per week, and passive ones €300.

Significant Savings Opportunity (Tobacco Costs vs. Health Expenses)

Reducing household expenses related to smokers and passive smokers can lead to substantial savings. Annual health costs for smoking-related effects often exceed tobacco product costs.

Expert Insight – Prof. Dr. Med. Johanna Müller: "Minimizing passive smoke exposure is crucial."

Investment in Health and Wealth: Accounting for Smokers’ Costs

Considering the costs of smokers and passive smokers is a wise investment in your health and wealth. Saving money creates a healthier environment, not only for yourself but also for future generations.


  1. Why is passive smoking harmful? – Passive smoking exposes non-smokers to secondhand smoke’s harmful substances.
  2. How much can I save by quitting smoking? – An average smoker spends around €2,000 per year on tobacco products alone.
  3. What are electronic cigarettes? – Battery-powered devices that emit aerosol instead of smoke and heat nicotine solutions to create inhalable vapor.
  4. Is investing in air purifiers worthwhile? – Yes, they help remove pollutants but don’t entirely eliminate passive smoking risks.