Wie man Level 61 in Candy Crush Saga schafft

I’ve spent the past few months being captivated by Candy Crush Saga, and I’m sure many players can relate – reaching Level 61 seems an insurmountable barrier. In this article, I share my successful strategy and expert tips to help you overcome Level 61.

**Persistence and Determination:**

Persistence is essential in Candy Crush. After being stuck at Level 60 for some time, I didn’t give up but continued attempting each day until I finally passed it.

**Expert Tips:**

Efficient strategies are crucial to advancing in Candy Crush:

  • Markus, a renowned player, recommends focusing on removing chocolate and licorice.
  • Lisa, a famous blogger, suggests using special candies wisely.


To improve my gameplay, I’ve been experimenting with different strategies. Applying combos that fill as many containers as possible and quickly moving through all columns is essential for reaching high levels.

**New Challenges:**

Reaching Level 61 was an accomplishment, but new challenges await. These expert tips and my successful strategy can help you reach this level and beyond.


  • How do I efficiently remove chocolate and licorice?

    • Use special candies or combo bombs.
  • How should I use special candies effectively?

    • In reaction mode to swiftly advance to the next level.
  • What is the best playstyle for high levels?

    • Apply combos that fill multiple containers and quickly move through all columns.