Wie man Poptropica Big Nate Island besiegt – Komplettlösung


Visiting Big Nate Island on Poptropica but struggling with the challenges?

This article provides you with comprehensive tips and tricks!

  1. Preparation:
    "Proper preparation prevents poor performance." – Thomas A. Edison

    Before attacking Big Nate Island, gather all necessary items and explore the island in advance.

  2. Challenging Tasks:
    "What’s humanly impossible is God’s plaything." – Mark Twain

    For challenging tasks such as Skateboard Racing or Basketball, try multiple times and use tips from other players.

  3. Collaborate with Friends:
    "With one hand you save the stones, with the other you give to the living." – Thomas Mann

    Collaboration is crucial for many challenges on Big Nate Island. Play with friends and share experiences.

  4. Utilize Hints:
    "The straight way may be the way of a fool." – Friedrich Nietzsche

    Use hints to accelerate progress on Big Nate Island.

  5. Perseverance:
    "Not every experiment is a success, but every success comes from an experiment." – Thomas Edison

    In case of failures or frustration, persist and keep going.


Big Nate Island offers challenges and learning opportunities for all players. With the tips in this article, you can successfully complete this adventure!


  1. What are the essential items on Big Nate Island?
    The essential items are: Skateboard, Basketball, Marble for Marble Race, and the Big Nate Island Map.
  2. How long does it take to conquer Big Nate Island?
    It can take up to two hours to fully conquer Big Nate Island.
  3. How should I collaborate with other players?
    Play with others and share your experiences.
  4. What happens if I fail a task?
    Try again or use tips from other players.