Wie man Ohrringe aus Fimo pflegt

Fimo earrings add life, color, and personality to your outfits. To enjoy these beautiful accessories for a long time, essential care tips are necessary. In this article, discover the secret care tricks ensuring your Fimo earrings glow and last.


Regular cleaning is crucial for your Fimo earrings’ longevity. Avoid contact with water as it may cause them to fade quickly. Instead, use inexpensive baby powder or a soft brush to maintain their colors and details. (Elke, Fimo crafts expert).

**Storage and Transport:** Proper storage and transport help preserve the shape of your Fimo earrings. Pack them in a soft box or a separate pouch with foam padding for transportation. Ensure they do not touch each other during transport to avoid contact marks.

Experiment: Discover the differences in durability between adequately stored and transported Fimo earrings versus those that are neglected, from personal experience.

**Moisture and Sun:**

While wearing your Fimo earrings, keep them away from the sun as UV rays may discolor their colors or damage the material. During cleaning, avoid submerging them in water.

Question: What actions would you take to guarantee that your Fimo earrings maintain their best appearance?


1. **How often should Fimo earrings be cleaned?**


The recommendation is monthly.
2. **Can Fimo earrings be cleaned with water?**


No, they can quickly fade.