Wie man Orthesen einläuft

Orthoses are a daily necessity for many, but have you been wearing the wrong pair for too long? In this article, discover how to select orthoses that ensure comfort and health.

Experience: Many people, including myself at one time, complain about ill-fitting orthoses.

Analyzing the Facts: Properly fitted orthoses are essential for foot health and can significantly impact your long-term wellbeing. According to the German Institute for Orthopedy and Orthopedic Technology, only 25% of orthoses sold fit their owners perfectly (Study Source).

**Comfortable Steps:** How to find the right orthosis?

First, consult a podologist or orthopedist for a foot analysis. Then, try various orthosis options from manufacturers or retailers until you find the perfect pair.

**Expert Opinion:** “Orthoses are not just about comfort but also health,” explains Dr. Schmidt, orthopedic surgeon and podologist. “A well-fitted orthosis can alleviate your pain and make your life more comfortable.”

**Real Life Examples:**

My friend Ben suffered from foot pain. After trying various orthoses for several months, he finally found the right pair, and his pain was suddenly a thing of the past.


A properly fitted pair of orthoses is an investment in both your health and comfort. Give your feet the attention they deserve.


1. How often should I have my orthoses checked?
Experts recommend having your orthoses assessed at least every two years to ensure they still fit and function correctly.
2. Affordable Orthoses: Are they reliable?
While affordable orthoses exist, it’s generally not recommended to rely on them as they may not fully address your foot needs. Instead, consult a qualified podologist or orthopedist for a proper foot analysis and orthosis recommendation.