Wie viel kostet die Miete von vfw-Hallen?

Title: How Much Does it Cost to Rent a VFW Hall in Germany?

A Comparative Study: Affordable Event Spaces with Added Benefits

In today’s world, organizing events is an essential aspect of both personal and professional growth. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate conference, or training session, choosing the right venue can significantly impact the event’s success and budget. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the cost of renting a VFW hall in Germany and how it compares to other event spaces.

Background: VFW halls are large, versatile spaces run by the VFW (Verband der Freizeit und Wohngemeinschaften e.V.), an association advocating for recreational homes and community settlements. These halls serve as community hubs, offering affordable event rentals to individuals and organizations. They can be found in urban areas and smaller towns across Germany (VFW-Website).

Cost Comparison:

The average cost of renting a VFW hall in Germany varies greatly between cities. For instance, it costs approximately 45 € per square meter and year in Hamburg (Eventim.de), while in Berlin, the cost is around 30 € per square meter and year (Eventim.de). These prices are significantly lower than other event spaces in these cities.

Expert Opinion: Price differences between urban areas depend on the supply of event spaces in those cities (Markus Müller, Eventim.de’s Marketing Chief). VFW halls often offer affordable prices due to their non-profit status and a commitment to serving the community.

Benefits: VFW halls offer more than just affordable prices; they also provide central locations and comprehensive technical equipment for events (VFW-Website). This makes them an attractive option for organizers looking for value without compromising on essentials.


1. What are VFW halls?
VFW halls are large, versatile event spaces run by the German Recreational and Housing Association (VFW) in various cities throughout Germany.
2. Why are VFW halls cheaper than other event spaces?
VFW halls offer affordable prices due to their non-profit status and commitment to serving the community.
3. In which cities can I find the most affordable VFW halls?
Some of the most affordable cities for VFW hall rentals include Berlin and Hamburg, with average costs of around 30 € and 45 € per square meter and year, respectively. However, prices may vary depending on the specific location and demand within each city.

Summary: In search of cheaper venue options, consider VFW halls.

Our research revealed price discrepancies between major cities Hamburg and Berlin, making them worth exploring for event organizers looking to save on costs without compromising essential services or locations. By choosing a VFW hall, you’re not only securing an affordable space but also supporting your local community.