Wie viel kostet es, in Australien durchzubrennen?

Australia’s dreamland allure draws countless individuals, but its reality is costlier than many imagine. This article sheds light on essential expenses and strategies to successfully relocate.

(Visa Costs)
Firstly, Visa fees vary based on requirements and duration, according to Markus in Melbourne. The standard work visa costs 320 AUD (€215) for an application and 470 AUD (€335) yearly, as per the Department of Home Affairs.

(Rent & Housing Allowance)
Housing costs are significant in Australia, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics reporting a weekly average net income of 573 AUD (€412) in 2021. Larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne have substantially higher housing expenses.

(Food Costs)
Besides accommodation and visa fees, food and beverages are also pricey. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare states that an average annual expenditure on food is 7,600 AUD (€5,450).

Living in Australia can indeed be expensive, with significant costs for visas, housing, food, and more. However, planning, budgeting, and the willingness to forego luxury consumer goods can help you realize your Australian dreams. As Markus demonstrated, a contented and fulfilling life is possible in this land of Kangaroos.


  1. What are the other expenses I need to consider in Australia?
    Health insurance, education, transportation etc.
  2. How can I manage my budget effectively?
    Utilize apps or books to plan and manage your budget.
  3. Are there better options than Australia for living and working abroad?
    It depends on personal preferences and available opportunities.