Wie zeichnet man das Logo der San Jose Sharks?

Title: Creating the San Jose Sharks Logo: A Graphic Design Guide – An In-depth Look into the Iconic Hockey Emblem

The iconic San Jose Sharks logo, a staple in National Hockey League (NHL) history since its introduction in 1994, was brought to life by Shark Branding, a subsidiary of Landor Associates. Designed as a tribute to the vibrant city of San José and its rich coastal heritage, this logo stands out for its unwavering simplicity and powerful symbolism.

Symbolism: The Logo’s Meaning

At first glance, the design features a striking white shark head against a blue background adorned with a bold red ‘S’. Jim Gourley, the designer behind this masterpiece, explains that it symbolizes San José as an "natural habitat for the terror on ice." The logo’s minimalist yet profound design effectively conveys elegance and power.

Detailed Instructions to Draw

  1. Begin by sketching a roughly triangular shape for the shark head. Remember, the shark head should have distinctive features like large eyes, a wide jaw, and a pointed snout.

  2. Color in the white shark head using white hues. Be meticulous with your brushstrokes to ensure accuracy and neatness.
  3. Next, draw the short, sharp-pointed snout, which will serve as the foundation for the red ‘S’.
  4. Carefully sketch the large red ‘S’ on the snout. Ensure that the letter is proportionate to the size of the shark head.
  5. Now it’s time to draw the elongated and narrow body in blue. Remember, the body should be thinner than the head to maintain the correct perspective.
  6. Finally, add details, shadows, and outlines to complete the logo. Be sure to pay close attention to the shark’s teeth and fins to create a visually striking effect.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about the San Jose Sharks Logo

Question 1: What does the ‘S’ in the San Jose Sharks logo represent?


The ‘S’ in the San Jose Sharks logo represents ‘San Jose Sharks’. This design element ties the team to its home city, making it an essential component of this iconic emblem.

Question 2: Are the shark head and body colored differently?


Yes, the shark head is white while the body is blue. The color contrast between the two elements adds visual depth and complexity to the overall design.