Wie zeichnet man Sawk?

Passionate about drawing without losing heart?

While many follow painting, this article explores drawing Sawk, a beautiful African percussion instrument also known as Djembe.

What is Sawk?

Sawk is a round, hand-played African percussion instrument that produces a range of tones with various colors.

Materials and Preparation:

1. Choose suitable paper and pencils, including those with different tips for detail work.
2. Create a sketch to collect ideas and ensure correct proportions of Sawk.
3. Utilize reference materials like photos or drawings of Sawk for accurate details.

Tips for Successful Drawing:

1. Start with the main components of Sawk, such as the body and feet.
2. Add details like surface textures and hooks after rough forms are established.
3. Use varying degrees of pencil pressure to create light and shadow.
4. Regularly check progress to identify errors and correct them early.


1. What is the ideal drawing tool for Sawk? – Paper, pencils, and a good reference.
2. Where can I find excellent reference images for Sawk? – Online or at specialized bookstores.
3. Which technique should I use to depict light and shadow? – Use harder tips for light, softer for shadow.